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If you have a laser, you need to measure it.


LP2 new sensor coating  

Has the highest damage threshold available, very high absorption and it is very flat spectrally (giving highest calibration accuracy). 

 Pulsed power method 


Compact Measurement of high laser power (no water cooling) using Ophir’s L40(150)A-LP2/30(150)A-LP2 / Helios - Learn more inside!

BeamWatch® AM 


The industry’s first non-contact laser beam monitoring system for additive manufacturing.

So…What’s New?

As in every year – Ophir’s 2018 new catalog covers a wide range of laser calibration equipment: power and energy sensors, laser meters and laser beam profiling systems for medical, industrial, defense, and research applications, but this year you'll also find:

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Ophir 2018 Catalog includes principles of laser operation, calibration standards, and sensor technologies. The catalog covers how to choose the right laser measurement equipment and provides an overview of the company’s newest products! Don't miss out! 

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Check your laser performence with Ophir laser measurement and laser beam profiling equipment - laser beam alignment tools, laser beam monitoring and laser beam shaping tools, beam profile analyzers, laser power and laser energy meters, laser sensors (for all kind of lasers wavelengths: THz, photodaiode, UV, and much more)  

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